Windows Workflow Foundation(WF) Hands-On Lab01 to Lab03 in VB2005

If you are interesting in Windows Workflow Foundation(WF), you should found only C# hands-On Lab. A good news to you, I tried to translated them into VB2005, and it was tested by WF Team and now, you may download them from the following link, the full story are here…

I have 2 entries on the translation of WF, one is including Lab01, while another one is including Lab01-Lab03, they are both top 5 download in

The Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) runtime supports all CLS compliant programming languages. The Visual Studio 2005 extensions for WF are only provided for C# and Visual Basic .NET. It’s easy to find C# samples to get started. Here’s some pointers to samples for getting started with Windows Workflow Foundation in Visual Basic .NET.

Hands on Labs in VB.NETKen Lin has kindly translated these introductory WF HOLs to VB.NET (Lab01) (Lab01-Lab03)

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