May 2007

Well, I am one of the VB insiders, we are talking about a video. This video is a chatting video between 5 guys from difference team(VB, C#, C++, Channel 9 interviewer). They are going to answer you few question about the language future from their view when developing CLR/LINQ/VB/C#/C++. But the point we VB Insider […]

Because of the Silverlight(new naming for WPF/E), you may need to create a lot of XML based graphic and its action/movement. Microsoft® Expression Blend™ is the professional design tool to create engaging web-connected experiences for Windows. So Microsoft is also announce that Free trial version of Expression Blend is ready to be download since 3rd […]

At the Mix conference today in Las Vegas, Ray Ozzie and Scott Guthrie were dropping goodies like tootsie pops from a piñata. There was so much packed into their over two hour keynote that I thought it would be useful to distill the announcements down into one bite-sized post that should make for a pretty […]