April 2010

Recent, I am focusing on MVC/.NET/IIS performance because of my job duty. I have to try and running load test in order to get the number of max thoughput, so that I could figure out a baseline for the web projects in my working company. I then setup a computer to host IIS with MVC projects. […]

If you have been administering your Windows 2003 environment from XP or Vista, you have probably installed Adminpak.msi. Well, with the launch of Windows 2008, adminpak has disappeared. That is now known as RSAT. (Remote Server Administration Tools). (there is another blog from me about RSAT in Windows Server 2012) RSAT contains the following tools: […]

Recent I have to setup a Win2k8 R2 with Hyper-V role enabled, this is my first time to try Hyper-V. There is only one NIC in my machine. After enabled Hyper-V role, I found out that the Network Adapter now becomes 2 Network Adapter. A new Virtual Network Adapter has created. I then found out […]

For those who has attended my speaking session ( Windows 7 Performance Investments by MVP Ken Lin) on Day 2 morning in TechDays 2009 @ HK, you may have seen that I have installed and run this tools in order to show what processes are running in my machine. This tool is a very good tool […]