MSSQL Server 2012 Sample DB

I am sure that everyone might have a need to use MSSQL Server Sample Database in every version. And now you could download the sample database for MSSQL Server 2012 too. All you need to do is browse to CodePlex and download it. It is an offical product. You may get the following files,

  1. Adventure Works DW 2012 Data File
  2. Adventure Works Multidimensional Models SQL Server 2012
  3. Analysis Services Tuorial SQL Server 2012
  4. Adventure Works Tabular Mode SQL Server 2012
  5. Adventure Works Internet Sales Tabular Model SQL Server 2012
  6. Adventure Works 2012 CS OLTP Script
  7. Adventure Works 2012 OLTP Script
  8. Adventure Works 2012 CS Data File

Don’t wait and go download it.

Adventure Works for SQL Server 2012 from CodePlex


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