How to Enable Past Intellisense Addresses for Other Profile in Outlook

Some what I have problems on my original outlook profile and I have to create another one. I then found out that there is no intellisense addresses comes up when I am typing in To or CC. So I try to find a solution on how to solve it. I finally solved and I found this is good and you may also need it sometimes. And here are the way to solve it.

1) Close your Outlook
2) Browse to C:\Documents and Settings\%Username%\Application Datas\Microsoft\
3) There are files named, “[Old_Outlook_Profile_Name].NK2” and “[New_Outlook_Profile_Name].NK2” 
4) Make a backup on “[New_Outlook_Profile_Name].NK2”
5) Make a copy on “[Old_Outlook_Profile_Name].NK2” and rename the new copy into “[New_Outlook_Profile_Name].NK2” (You may need to delete the original “[New_Outlook_Profile_Name].NK2” first)
6) Now you are ready to start Outlook

Bingo! It works great, right?

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