Workaround on adding files or shortcuts to Quick Access in Windows 10

This afternoon, another MVP asked a question, how do we add a file or shortcut to Quick Access in Windows 10. He would like to do the same action as he could add a file or shortcut to Favorites in Windows 8 or before.

In Windows 10, “Favorites” is replaced by “Quick Access”. The “Quick Access” is letting you to browse into any folder in shortest route. If you want to add any folders to “Quick Access”, you could right click any folder and add it to “Quick Access” by selecting “Pin to Quick Access”.

After you pinned it to “Quick Access”, you could then remove it by right click and select “Unpin from Quick Access”.

But if you right click to any files or shortcuts, you will found out that there is no such option to add them into Quick Access. But if the files or shortcuts are often being executed, you could find it from the lower section of the Quick Access, “Recent Files”. But what about if they are not being executed often and you still want to add it to “Quick Access”? One of the work around way is, adding the Favorites to “Quick Access”. With this workaround, you could add any files or shortcuts to the Favorites and it will then appear to the Quick Access. On the other hand, it will be removed from “Quick Access” if you remove it from Favorites. The Favorites path in windows Explorer is “C:\Users\(username)\Links”.

Here is the regedit nodes that you have to add in order to enable “Favorites” add to “Quick Access”.

@=”Common Places FS Folder”

@=”Common Places FS Folder”

And here is the regedit nodes that you have to remove in order to disable “Favorites” add to “Quick Access”.



Please note, You will need Administrator right to pass the UAC when you add/remove the regedit nodes.


2 Replies to “Workaround on adding files or shortcuts to Quick Access in Windows 10”

  1. I’ve been frustrated by this for years! Thanks for posting it, I just wish I had found it a long time ago.
    Add shortcuts to Quick Access
    Add Files to Quick Access
    have been searches that I’ve done a number of times, I’m not sure how I didn’t find this article earlier.
    Thanks again!

  2. Amazing workaround !! Thanks.
    In addition to that, It’s still different from Windows 8 with two disadvantages.
    1. it’s not possible to change icon for pinned items like win 8 or earlier. Favorites on Win 8 is a simple shortcut that I con change the icon for every shortcut directly. But when I pin a shortcut with this workaround in Windows 10, the custom icon is not displaying.
    2. It’s not expandable if the list of items is more than the available space. Meaning that if you pin 30 items, you will see only the first 15 or so.

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