“Package is not found…” when updating NuGet Package from Azure DevOps

if you are using the Azure DevOps, you may already know that it provides Azure Artifacts (it was called NuGet Package Management before VSTS renamed to Azure DevOps). With that you could create and share NuGet pacakges feed from public and private sources.

With the Azure DevOps CI pipeline, you could then build your solution, pack and push the NuGet package into private Azure Artifacts.

If you are already running in this way, you may have experience on trying to update the existing NuGet Package and it returns an error,

“Attempting to gather dependency information for package ‘xxx.newer.version’ with respect to project ‘ThisProject’, targeting ‘.NETFramework,Version=v4.7’

Package ‘xxx.newer.version’ is not found in the following primary source(s): ‘https://[YourDevOps_Name].pkgs.visualstudio.com/_packaging/[Your_AzureArtifacts_Name]/nuget/v3/index.json,https://api.nuget.org/v3/index.json’. Please verify all your online package sources are available (OR) package id, version are specified correctly.”

I tried to search from internet and found someone who is working in Microsoft has replied on 10th May 2018 as the following,

“Seems you are trying to download the package or packages that where just freshly pushed to VSTS nuget feed.
Since Visual Studio 2017 is listing it correctly, then the issue should not related to the feed on VSTS server.
If this occurs very recently(download the new refresh package) and your package is very large, this maybe a network delay. Suggest you use a fiddler trace when this issue happens again. This makes “some” sense, what you see is probably an incorrect propagation of pushed packages showing up in the search results but not yet available to download.
And some other also encounter the same issue and error as you.”

Well, I tried to use fiddler to see what is happening when I tried to update the package. Because I have also set up the upstream sources, so it checks on all the available NuGet Packages in private Azure Artifact until it founds the match one. (That also explains me another question, why it takes so long to attempt the dependency information for the updating NuGet Package). I could confirm that the newer package is updated in feed and may be taking a longer time to upload the actual package.

So next time, if you found the similar message when updating NuGet Package from Azure Artifact, you could do,

  1. Wait and retry later.
  2. if the problem keep exists, you could try to clear the NuGet Cache from VS–>Tools–>Nuget Package Manager–>Package manager Settings–>General.

4 Replies to ““Package is not found…” when updating NuGet Package from Azure DevOps”

  1. I just found out about Azure Artifacts and tried to publish a nuget package I created. When I noticed that the library I packaged only targetted dotnetcore while the consuming WebApi project was targetting .NET Framework 4.6, I added dn46 to the list of targets of the library, built it and updated the nuget package. When I tried to install the new version to my WebApi project, I encountered exactly the error your article mentions.

    Funny though: When I used the PM console to install the new version of the package, I forgot to select the WebApi project. Since there is more than one project in this solution, the package manager then installed the new version in another project – successfully! Only when selecting the project into which I had installed the previous version of the package before, the above error happened.

    As suggested, I cleared the cache and voila, everything works.

    Thanks! You really saved me a lot of time!

  2. 2021 checking in – amazingly this is still happening, and the fix is still the same: clear the cache. Sigh.

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