Bot Framework Composer helps you build bot with GUI and “No Code”

Do you know that Microsoft has released a Bot Framework Composer. Using the Bot Framework Composer presents some advantages when compared to creating a bot with the SDK and coding.

  • Use of Adaptive Dialogs allow for Language Generation (LG), which can simplify interruption handling and give bots character.
  • Visual design surface in Composer eliminates the need for boilerplate code and makes bot development more accessible.
  • Time saved with fewer steps to set up your environment.
  • The Composer bot projects contain reusable assets in the form of JSON and Markdown files that can be bundled and packaged with a bot’s source code. The files can be checked into source control systems and deployed along with code updates, such as dialogs, language understanding (LU) training data, and message templates.

It is available as a Desktop application as well as a web-based component. You will also need to install the Bot Framework Emulator and ensure that you have .NET Core SDK 3.1 or later installed as well.

And this Bot Framework Composer is also one of the key components in the exam if you are going to take AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution (the replacement exam of AI-100 after 30th June 2021).



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