Cannot create Azure AD B2C. How to register Azure resource providers?

I have a MSDN subscription and I tried to create an Azure Active Directory B2C tonight. After entering all the information and clicked “Create” button, it returns me an error,

The subscription is not registered to use namespace ‘Microsoft.AzureActiveDirectory’

Huh, not registered a namespace? Am I creating an application and need such reference to the related namespace? MSDN subscription cannot create AAD?

Well, yes, you will need the related namespace. No matter what tasks you are applying, they are actually executing CLI or Azure PowerShell in the background. The commands also need some namespaces in order to complete the tasks. And you may encounter such errors when using a resource provider that you haven’t previously used in your subscription. And the message might look like,

Message: No registered resource provider found for location {location} and API version {api-version} for type {resource-type}.


Message: The subscription is not registered to use namespace {resource-provider-namespace}

You receive these errors for one of these reasons:

  • The required resource provider hasn’t been registered for your subscription
  • API version not supported for the resource type
  • Location not supported for the resource type
  • For auto-shutdown of VMs, the Microsoft.DevTestLab resource provider must be registered.

If you found these kind of error message, you may do the following in your Azure Portal to register (or unregister) a resource provider namespace.

  1. From the portal, select All Services.
  2. Select Subscriptions.
  3. From the list of subscriptions, select the subscription you want to use for registering the resource provider.
  4. From your subscription, select Resource providers.
  5. Look at the list of resource providers, and if necessary, select the Register button at the top menu to register the resource provider of the type you are trying to deploy.

  6. Now you could repeat your last creation of the Azure Services.  In my case, I re-create the Azure Active Directory B2C without any error this time.

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