Language Understanding (LUIS) will be moved to Conversational Language Understanding under Azure Cognitive Service

Recent I found out a new message when I am working on my personal Language Translator and working on Global AI Bootcamp 2022 @HongKong. The message is:

A newer version of Language Understanding capabilities are now available as part of Azure Cognitive Service for Language. For more information see Azure Cognitive Service for Language Documentation. For language understanding capabilities within the Language Service, see Conversational Language Understanding, Custom Named Entity Recognition, and Custom Classification.

Well, to me, that means LUIS is going to be retired. The first thing comes up in my mind is, What should I do to move my existing LUIS App? Then second is, if they are compatible? Then, Are there any differences?

Let’s have a look on how we could migrate from LUIS to Conversational Language Understanding (it is longer than LUIS, can I call it CLU?). And we could try to look at the differences between them.

First, we need to create a new Language Service. Login to Azure Portal, and then create new resource. Type “language” in search. The first 2 results are the new Language Service, then second one is the LUIS.


We click the create of the first one. the new Conversational Language Understanding (Preview) is pre-selected. There are another 2 optional features, Custom QnA and Custom Text Classification & Extraction (Preview).


Let’s accept the default selected features and click “continue to create your resource”. Then you will just do the same as creating other Azure service, select subscription, resource group, region, name, pricing tier.

(Interesting, why the header is “Create TextAnalytics”?)
Here you have to make sure that you must select the proper selections,

Region: West US 2 or West Europe
Pricing tier: S (You could only either Free F0 and S from the option)

The new Conversational Language Understanding is only available when your Azure Cognitive Service for Language is with S sku. Following the wizard and entering the other values to create the Azure Service.

After the service is created and deployed, you will see a new Language service in your resource group.


Click into it and then click Develop under Overview.


Then scroll down to the bottom and you will see the Language Studio.


Click it and will take you to the Language Studio – Preview. And then you scroll down to the middle, and you will see the Conversation Language Understanding.


Now you will be seeing the new UI to this new Conversational Language Understanding Projects page.


For the rest, let’s have a look on the other blog posts which I will write them in the coming days.
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