How to migrate from LUIS to Conversational Language Understanding

This is part 2 of the post “Language Understanding (LUIS) will be moved to Conversational Language Understanding under Azure Cognitive Service

After we have created the Azure Language Service, we could try to create new project under Conversational Language Understanding.

It actually looks similar to creating a new app in LUIS

After created the new CLU Project, we can see that the new UI is combining Intents and Entities into same page but in difference tab under Schema. And then the Train Model, Test Model, and Publish Model are all move from top menu to side menu.

Improve app performance, Prebuilt Domain, Review endpoint Utterances, Features, Patterns, Manager, Settings, Publish Settings, Azure Resources and Versions are gone in new UI. The new UI is more clean and simple now.

So, how do we migrate the LUIS app to Conversational Language Understanding project?

The answer is – very simple and straight forward. All you need to do is export your LUIS app to JSON. And then import into new CLU project from JSON.

But then I found an error message saying that I cannot import it.

Invalid project name, so I guess a dot in the project name is now allowed now in CLU. Then let’s rename the existing LUIS App name from “” into “Clockluis”, removing the dot. And then redo the export in LUIS and import in CLU again.

Well, this time the import could be completed. And let’s have a look on the result.

Done. The migration is completed.

We will look into the differences between them in next post.



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