This afternoon, another MVP asked a question, how do we add a file or shortcut to Quick Access in Windows 10. He would like to do the same action as he could add a file or shortcut to Favorites in Windows 8 or before. In Windows 10, “Favorites” is replaced by “Quick Access”. The “Quick […]

VS Keyboard Shortcuts are needed for almost all developers in their daily life. If you need a cheat sheet of handy keyboard shortcuts for VS2017, you can have a look on the image in this post or you could download the PDF for easy printing.  

A Graphic is much more readable than Text. It also apply to “what’s new in VS2017” in a image. Take a look on it. You could download the poster in PDF or as an Image

For most of .NET developers, you might need to create a installer package for your developed application and you might be using InstallShield. One of the configuration that you would do is setting up the .NET Framework requirement for your project. In VS2015 with InstallShield 2015, you will found the pre-defined package for the requirement […]

The latest version on Visual Studio 2017 at this moment is still in┬áRelease Candidate (RC) stage on build 26127.03, released on 1st Feb 2017. There are many new features in this VS2017 which it is too long to write all of them down here. You may visit the release notes for more detail. Here I […]

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