This afternoon, another MVP asked a question, how do we add a file or shortcut to Quick Access in Windows 10. He would like to do the same action as he could add a file or shortcut to Favorites in Windows 8 or before. In Windows 10, “Favorites” is replaced by “Quick Access”. The “Quick […]

This morning, I was told by my MVP Lead that there is a new program for all former MVP. You are correct, all former MVP, that means all former MVPs that ended their award tenure in “good standing” and with a minimum award period of 1 year are eligible to join this MVP Reconnect program. […]

I am sure that you all are new to Win10 and VS2015. You may be looking for learning resource. Here I listed some of the sample site for you and so you could get some learning on these 2 new products. Opportunity URLs Remarks Developer Tools Download Download any Visual Studio skus, including VS […]

Since VS2005, all Developer MVPs has 3 giveaway on the VS subscription. Some MVPs were giving it to public, some MVPs were giving to friends, some MVPs were giving it to memebrs of their local community. However, this time there is no such giveaway when VS2012 launch. Why? I don’t know the reason. But I […]

Wow…..Perpare for 2 weeks on creating the powerpoint and demo for Hong Kong College of Technology(HKCT) on topic of “introduction to VB2005”. And I also created VPC for the Demo. I have to learn some new features on VB2005, and also this is the hardest and worst seminar I even have. Reason:   1) The MOC for VB2005 is […]

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