Visual Studio 25th Anniversary!! I have used Visual Studio for 25 years!!

Time flies!

It is Visual Studio 25th Anniversary. It also means that I have worked on Visual Studio for 25 years too. (Oh no, getting old so fast…… from a young kid to an old man…)

[1997] I learn NT3.51 and VB during my last year on my bachelor degree study. I graduated from my bachelor degree. I still remember that I learn VB5 with VS1997 in my first job in a software company which is a Microsoft Certified Partner.


[1999] Then I start using VS 6.0 for VB6, Traditional ASP, and also using Visual SourceSafe.


[2000] Then I start building .NET application from VS.NET beta. At the same time, I heard from Microsoft .NET team saying that .NET will be last for at least 10 years, from 2000 to 2010. It will be the first language to do all the Web Development and Win Development in same preferred programming language.  Microsoft introduce C# at the same time. I choose staying in VB.NET as I have VB background. Start developing some Web Services.

[2001-2003] I made friends with other local .NET developers and also local Microsoft MSDN team. We then formed a local community HK .NET User Group. At the same time, I participle a lot on Microsoft Forum HK and TW. I was then awarded to be Microsoft Community Star TW, then Microsoft Community Star HK, and then Microsoft MVP @TW on VB technology.


[2005] .NET Framework 2.0 released with VS2005. As being VB MVP and attended 3 times Global MVP Summit. We VB MVPs always complained that the sample code are in C# more than VB.NET in MSDN library. in the end of 2005, I started moving into C#. I could do VB.NET and C# at the same time.


[2006] I helped VB team to translate the hands on lab from C# into VB.NET.
Windows Workflow Foundation and Visual Basic .NET
My previous blog links:
Windows Workflow Foundation(WF) Hands-On Lab01 to Lab03 in VB2005
Finished the Translation on WF HOL Lab04 to VB2005


[2008] Microsoft introduced Entity Framework. We called it Database-First EDM.


[2010] With VS2010, I start learning and developing ASP.NET MVC. Microsoft released Silverlight, a web version of WPF. (at least I think so)


[2012] EF 4 released, now it supported Code-First EDM.


[2015] EF 6, Owin, OAuth, WebAPI…


[2017] MVC5, Dependency Injection, .Net Core…


[2019] .NET Core 3


[2022] .NET core and .NET Framework now becomes .NET, starting from .NET 5. With this version, the experience on windows app development is not good as in VS2019. Specially right after I stopped the debugger.


Now, you could also download this special VS 25th Anniversary Theme Pack. Don’t wait, get it and try it.







Renew Your Microsoft Certification for free

Microsoft role-based and specialty certifications expire every year, unless renewed. You can renew a Microsoft certification by simply passing the online renewal assessment on Microsoft Learn. Certification renewal is designed to promote continuous learning and help you keep up with technology updates. Renewal content covers technology updates only, making it shorter and less time consuming. Renewal is free, and the process doesn’t involve taking an exam with Pearson VUE. Learning modules are available to help you prepare for renewal. You can renew any time at your convenience soon after the renewal window opens, approximately six months prior to certification expiration.

I know about this “Certification Renewal” for long time. I have a lot of questions in my mind which I don’t know the answers because I haven’t really experience it. Some questions like,

  1. how long does it take?
  2. how many times I could take?
  3. what happen if I fail?
  4. Is it very hard?
  5. Is it online test?
  6. Do I need to reserve a time slot like the general Pearson VUE exam?

Few days ago, I received an email from Microsoft Certification like this,

And then it redirect me to Microsoft Learn portal and the page state that I still have 180 days before it is expired. I could take the online exam every day. After a fail result, I will need to wait 24 hours before I could take the second time.

In the first time, I failed. It then shows my score. And it also suggests me some Microsoft Learn links and ask to you learn from it. After spending some time to read all of them, I finally passed the exam. Yes, passed and the certificate is now extend for another year to 17th July, 2023.

Global AI Bootcamp 2022 @Hong Kong

I am helping to speak in Global AI Bootcamp 2022 (Hong Kong) on 14 January 2022. This event’s objective is to give younger generations more ideas and passion for AI. Speakers of this event include Eason Lai (Global Technology Strategist @ Microsoft; Microsoft AI MVP), Ricky Shiu (Data Scientist @ AIA Hong Kong and Macau), and Ken Lin (Senior Technical Consultant (APAC) @ Willis Towers Watson; Microsoft Dev rMVP). Please feel free to register and circulate.

Azure Summit 2021 is now opened to register

Azure Summit 2021 is coming!!

One of the Largest Cloud Events of the Year, Azure Summit 2021 is now opened to register. There is no agenda yet. I think that they are confirming who could be the speaker and looking for the sponsors as well. If you look at the latest updates, you will find that the only updates are more and more confirmed speakers.

There is still 39 days and 18 hours at the time I am writing this blog. So you could register first and go back and check the agenda later when the time is closer.

Remember, this event’s date is 13th – 23th Sept, 2021.

Click Here to browse to Azure Summit 2021 Page.

Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2 is released

On 14th July, 2021, VS2022 Preview 2 is released.

There are some highlighted new features.

  1. New Font that is easier to read, Cascadia Code
  2. New refreshed Icons, that are clearer and easier to distinguish.
  3. Preview 1 was available only in English. Preview 2 now is fully localized. The supported language packs: English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.
  4. Now VS2002 will be the best place to build cross-platform apps. With Preview 2, we’ve extended our cross-platform capabilities, adding new CMake integration and seamless targeting for WSL2—with no need for manual configuration.
  5. Next Wave of cross platform apps with .NET MAUI and Blazor are ready in Preview 2.
  6. New Live Preview experiences for both XAML and web apps. You will be able to make those iterative changes to your application in the editor. And you could see the difference in real time. No more recompile-and-run when you just want to nudge something by a pixel or two! This is also provided in Preview 2 already.
  7. Hot Reload. It is including support for C++ apps. When you are able to edit C++ or .NET projects even the application is still running. You can also apple code changes without pausing your application. An “Apply code changes” button in the toolbar is added, by clicking it you can “reload” you updated code into the running application without stop and re-run with the latest code.

And more…

There are many more other new features are available in Preview 2. You may visit this page,  Summary of What’s New in this Release of Visual Studio 2022 version 17.0 Preview 2 to view the full list and more details.