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‘Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information’ when using EntityDataSource

I recent start a new project in VS2010. My Vs2010 version is v4.0.30319 RTMRel. I created a ASP.NET AJAX Web Project. I am using ADO.NET EntityDataSource and bind the data from SQL 2008 into a gridview on a page. I then found out I keep getting this error when viewing the page in browser (my browser is IE7, v7.0.5730.11IS),

 If I compile and browse the page in 10 times, I get at least 7 times of this error. GOD. OK, I then do a google search. And found the following useful link,

I am not going to list all useful link here. But I can tell, LOTS of developer are facing the same happening. And the following are some suggestions that people reported it works but some also reported it does not work at all.

  1. some report that changing the .NET Trust level to High could fix it
  2. Rebuild the edmx model
  3. Change from debug mode to release mode in the project configuration
  4. Change from website project to web application project
  5. never use one EntityDataSource to more than one control
  6. turn off indexing on the project folder
  7. Install ADO.NET Data Service v1.5 CTP2 (WHAT? I cannot install CTP into server..)

But I can tell, they are all not working for me after I follow them all. So, WHAT IS HAPPENING? What is Microsoft ADO team doing? Any solution? I really want to know too cause I am facing this problem as well. Hm….OK, I am in Data Access Insider mail list, I will fire up this question to the mail list and hope someone from Data Access Team in Microsoft could tell me the answer and I will come back to you once I got the answer from them.