Sudoku by WinFX(WPF)

Yesterday, I read about an example on Code4Fun about WinFX, It is a sample on creating a sample Sudoku with WinFX. Althought it is saying that the sample code are based on Feb CTP, but I could make it work by using May Beta2. Before you could be able to do WinFX programming, you may need to follow the instruction and download the setup files from And I found that the installation is terrible. Finally, I created one but it is in Extensible Application Markup Language(XAML) which you will use to create a simple layout and a more complex layout.

Oh? Not .NET language? Yap, as the tutorial are in XAML. Later on I will try to use VB2005 to see if I can make one. And I found out that building application, don’t have UI Designer. I heard from friends that there is a product with codename “Cider” and you may read and download from: Later I will download it and have a try on it too. Come back later after the first hand on “Cider”.


SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1

SQL Server 2005 SP1 Now Available

Microsoft announces the availability of SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1 (SP1) with Database Mirroring, SQL Server Management Studio Express, additional options for ISVs and normal feature fixes.

This is the first major milestone for SQL Server 2005 since the launch last November which attracted more than 300,000 attendees at 307 launch events, held in 247 cities across 92 countries.

The release of SQL Server 2005 SP1 follows the March 2006 Community Technology Preview (CTP) and the initiation of a new customer collaboration model, which allowed active customer feedback to drive final updates and routine fixes delivered in this service pack.

SQL Server 2005 includes functionality for the largest enterprise to the smallest hobbyist, non-professional or ISV, delivering on the team’s vision to provide a complete data platform for all users of every size.

Download SQL Server 2005 SP1

To receive SQL Server 2005 SP1, click the links below and complete the registration form.

Update SQL Server 2005 to Service Pack 1 (SP1)


Download SQL Server 2005 Express Edition SP1

To receive download SQL Server Express Edition SP1, SQL Server Express with Advanced Services, or tools to help manage SQL Server Express, click the links below.

Download SQL Server 2005 Express Edition SP1

Free ebook for VB2005 Developers from MSDN

Free ebook for VB2005 Developers, YES! FREE!


Do you wanna learn VB2005? Are you VB programmer? If yes, hurry and download it.


  Introducing Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 for Developers

Get a focused, first look at the features and capabilities in Microsoft Visual Basic 2005, Visual Studio 2005, and the .NET Framework 2.0. If you currently work with Visual Basic 6, these authors fully understand the adoption and code migration issues you’ll encounter. They’ll step you through a quick primer on .NET Framework programming, offering guidance for a productive transition. If you already work with .NET, you’ll jump directly into what’s new, learning how to extend your existing skills. From the innovations in rapid application development, debugging, and deployment, to new data access, desktop, and Web programming capabilities, you get the insights and code walkthroughs you need to be productive right away. 

New wave for Mobile+PC ——> The Ultra-Mobile PC



Wowow…..from last few days, I did mention a new mobile PC… there are more updates. There are already 3 companies would like to produce this mobile PC, they are ASUS, Samsung and Founder. I think most people may heard about first 2 companies. What is the third one? It is a company in China, yes, China….Amazing.


Asus R2H: Innovative Solution for a limitless tomorrow with built-in high-resolution webcam, integrated GPS, fingerprinter, SD Card reader, and Camera, the R2H is Asus’ ultra mobile PC (UMPC) that is designed to fulfill the increasing need for an all-in-one device that enables professionals to stay connected, productive and secured on the go. The R2H platform personifies mobility, security, ease of use, and reliability in a cool stylish design.


Founder’s Mini-Note: China’s first Ultra Mobile PC. The Founder Mini-Note features a 7″ WVGA screen, 30-60 GB 1.8″ hard disk, integrated WiFi and Bluetooth, two USB2.0 ports, and weighs slightly over 800 grams. Founder is targeting both consumer and commercial segments with its 7″ UMPC. On the consumer front, Founder is pursuing frequent travelers, students, and fashion conscious females by delivering a cool stylish design. On the business side, Founder is targeting automotive, healthcare, and banking. Additionally, this platform makes for a nice gift and is available from many gift giving stores.



Samsung’s Q1: A revolution in the digital convergence era slim, sleek and shining through with features, the Samsung Q1 is designed to match the demands for high performance mobile computing and the desire for digital convergence. Featuring fully functional PC power, instant multimedia, car navigation and the latest wireless technologies, all displayed on a stunning 7″ touch screen. And at <800 grams, you can take it everywhere and do everything. With the Samsung Q1, it’s not hard to imagine.



The Ultra-Mobile PC


Go everywhere

The Ultra-Mobile PC is portable, lightweight, and configured to connect on the go. It’s the device that you’ll always want with you.

Do everything

Featuring full Microsoft Windows XP functionality and the ability to touch, write, or type, the Ultra-Mobile PC is a powerful companion that lets you communicate, accomplish your tasks, and stay entertained and informed wherever life takes you.


With the UMPC you can take the Internet to places you never thought before.

A thing of the future…now!

YOU CAN get information on the hottest sales and promotions at the Mall while you drive by.

YOU CAN compare prices online while you are visiting a store and make the right decision.

YOU CAN get GPS information while driving or walking.

YOU CAN do email, or monitor work while standing in line at the DMV or at any other place you usually got bored at waiting and wasting your time.

YOU CAN surf the internet for the latest news while cooking in the kitchen.

YOU CAN download your music, videos, TV shows, photos and email, chat, IM friends…all from a small, thin device that fits in your purse!

Asus UMPC Price

After hearing the Samsung UMPC was expected to be realeased with a US$1,109 price tag, I was wondering what my favorite UMPC at the moment was going to be priced….


Heres the deal on basic UMPC specs:

* Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005, with Windows Touch Pack

* Intel Celeron M, Pentium M, or possibly VIA C7-M processor

* 256MB of RAM and up

* 800×480 (minimum) resolution

* 7″ (diagonal screen)

* 30GB hard drive, or more (50GB and 60GB to be common)

* US$600-1,000 price tag

* USB inputs, Integrated touch panel, WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled


Here’s the deal on the Asus specs:


1.3-megapixel front mounted cam for WiFi video conferencing

900MHz Celeron M

SDIO slot on top The ASUS Security Protect Management (ASPM) uses a special fingerprint sensor, which analyses not only the skin surface but the fabric beneath it.


Something About SQL2005 with .NET2.0

1) No more extended Stored Procedure;

2) if only return Data, TSQL is faster than .NET; But for calculation, .NET is better;

3) SQL2005 cannot access assembly from GAC;

4) When creating DB objects use Managed Code, we will write the following,

                   “External Name AssemblyName.[[Namespaces].classname].MethodName”

    We have to be careful as it will be Case Sensative. Except AssemplyName, it will base on your DB locale. This is bad news for VB.NET Developer….

5) When create new type/function/aggregate, we may have to copy the dll from your VS project to the folder location of SQL2005 Management Studio for the query can be display your new type.

6) select * from sys.assembly_files, If you are deploying the SQL Project from VS tools, you may found out that all .NET files are deployed to SQL as well, even the .proj, .vb, .pdb…etc, but we may only need to use .dll.