This afternoon, another MVP asked a question, how do we add a file or shortcut to Quick Access in Windows 10. He would like to do the same action as he could add a file or shortcut to Favorites in Windows 8 or before. In Windows 10, “Favorites” is replaced by “Quick Access”. The “Quick […]

Just read on an article from windows magazine, the author saying a lot about the original expected released date for some Microsoft Products. This is attracting me to read on it. Many of my friends and students keep asking me when the WinXP SP2 will be released. Well, it should be in the second week […]

This summer, why not put your coding skills and creativity to good use for a chance to win an Xbox with Xbox Live subscription and Halo 2!* That’s right, Microsoft is giving away six Xboxes each with an Xbox live kit that includes a one year subscription and a copy of the soon-to-be-released, Halo 2. The Summer […]

I started to use Visual SourceSafe since Visual Studio v5.0, and I was wondering why there is no new version on Visual SourceSafe since VS.NET2002. I also discuss this with my MCAD class students. In this afternoon, I was searching something in msdn site, and found this “Visual Studio 2005 Team System” and there will be a GREAT DEMO […]

Wow~~beside VS 2005 Express Family, there is also a new Edition for SQL Server 2005, which is also called Express Edition. It is an entry-level database for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and students developers and so the same “EXPRESS“ to VS 2005. The SQL Server Express is a version of SQL Server 2005 designed for building simple, dynamic […]

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