Photos in the Microsoft MVP Award Ceremony in Taiwan

Here is my photos in the Microsoft MVP Award Ceremony in Taiwan.
I was looking for a way to host my photos online.
Now, I found and so post here la…..Enjoy them…

Wait…..I found that I cannot insert Photos here.
Can anyone give me a internet share to place my photos?

Microsoft MVP Welcome Kit

I read from Colt’s blog and knows that there is china MVP Blog site. And they are really watching us. Interesting.
About the Microsoft MVP Welcome Kit, up to this stage, I only received a Microsoft MVP Cert. Not sure if all other Microsoft MVPs from Hong Kong received that welcome kit or not.

One more Microsoft MVP from Microsoft(Taiwan)

Congratulations to Daniel!!!!
He asked me about my way to get the Microsoft MVP few monthes ago.
He really done it. He is popular in Taiwan’s Office newsgroup.
And He is one of the Microsoft MVPs issued by Microsoft(Taiwan) in Hong Kong.
Hope to see there are more and more Microsoft MVPs in Hong Kong.