Windows 11: New Features, New UI, Android App Support, improved Xbox Experience!

Yesterday, Microsoft announced Windows 11, the next generation of Windows. The entire Windows 11 OS comes with new User Interface, new Start Menu, Android App Support, and improved Xbox Experience.


Let’s have a look on what are these new features in the Windows 11!

Windows 11 Taskbar
From the above image, we can see that the taskbar icon could align in middle. And the Start Menu icon also could align in middle. The Search window looks the same as Win10 one, with some icon on the top area. they might be the icons on previous search results.


Windows 11 Themes
The above image shows the new design of themes for Windows 11. At this moment, we can see 6 new themes. It might be more or less after it is released. And You could see that 3 of them are the light themes, while another 3 are the dark themes.


Windows 11 Snap
From the above image, we could see that there are more ways on the windows snap. Specially when you want to split your screen into 3 or more windows. (will it provides 6 windows splitting in screen?)
It would be a very good experience if you have multiple large monitor (27 inches or above).


Windows 11 Widget
The new widget is not loading fully in the screen, but they are designed to slide out from left hand side and provide quick access to news, weather and other web content.

Since last week, I also found a new bar suddenly enabled and shows a weather icon next to the notification bar in my Windows 10. It shows the similar window like the Windows 11 Widget. If you cannot see it, try to right click the task bar and see if you have the “News and Interests”. It might be turned off.
(You may have to update your Win 10 to latest version first)


Windows 11 Action Center

Microsoft redesigned the Action Center and improved its design and functionality. You don’t have to open the settings page to switch Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices. Instead, you can expand these menus without leaving the Action Center.






Windows 11 Microsoft Store
The new Microsoft store is your single trusted location for apps and content to watch, create, play, work and learn. It has been rebuilt for speed and with an all-new design. So that it looks more beautiful and more simple to use. And it also brings you more apps than ever before, apps, games, shows, movies…etc.


Windows 11 – Android Apps Support
As you can see from the above image, Microsoft Store also brings you the Android apps on your PC now. Starting later this year, you will be able to discover Android apps in the Microsoft Store and download them through the Amazon Appstore. As you can see from the image, you could download and install TikTok on Windows 11. This new supporting is the partnership with Amazon and Intel using their Intel Bridge technology.
With this new supporting, this must be unlocking new opportunity for developers and creators. If you want to learn more about what Windows 11 means for developers, you may visit Windows Developer Blog for more details.


Windows 11 Xbox Experience
The new Xbox app is now integrated into Windows 11, offering quick access to Xbox Game Pass games, the social parts of Xbox network, and the Xbox store. The Xbox Game Bar and Windows Game Mode all remain the same as Windows 10.


Want to know more
Here is the link to the “Introducing Windows 11” from Windows Experience Blog.