Global AI Bootcamp 2022 (Hong Kong) is over. I Love AI, I Love Code.

It is my pleasure to have this opportunity to be one of the speakers on this Global AI Bootcamp 2022 (Hong Kong). Thanks for everyone who participated in this Global AI Community event and make this event successful. Glad to see a lot of people curious and passionate about Artificial Intelligence. And I’m also looking forward to seeing you all again at forthcoming Hong Kong AI Community events.

For this event, I spent many nights to write up a windows app to call different Azure AI Services, i.e, Cognitive Service, Computer Vision, Custom Vision, LUIS, Video Analyzer, Face Service, Language Translator…etc

I also search a lot of photos on HKCEC, IFC, Opera House for the training and evaluate in Custom Vision. It is great that I can get the image detection accurately.

Here are some of the screen capture on my app.

Please also join our Hong Kong AI Community in Discord. Your ideas, experiences, challenges, or anything related to Artificial Intelligence are welcome to share in this community.


DataBinding in second, third…TabPages

I have experience in few months ago. I was working on a WinForm application. I placed a TabControl with multiple TabPages. However, I found out that the dataBinding does not work on the second, third or later TabPage controls. After getting some error and test. I found out that the controls in these tabPage are not being loaded until it is “showed”.


So I have some code sample to resolve this, you may try to place it under Page.Load event handling,

    foreach (TabPage tp in tabControl1.TabPages)
    this.tabControl1.SelectedTab = this.tabPage2;


// here I am going to make sure that the dataBinding is completed before select into other tabPages.
// You may try to loop this one by one tabPage if you have more tabPages
    this.tabPage2.BindingContextChanged += (object sender, EventArgs e) => {
        this.tabControl1.SelectedTab = this.tabPage1;

    this.tabControl1.SelectedTab = this.tabPage1;

Hope this article could help you a bit.