Intel And Multi-Core Chips

One of my daily reads is ArsTechnica. Hannibal, their CPU guy, does an amazing job of talking about the low-level stuff in such a way that it’s easily understandable, even to people with limited neural matter such as myself.

His review of the Intel Developer Forum (just concluded) has some very interesting stuff in it with regard to dual-core CPUs. As if it weren’t already important enough to design software in an MP-safe way, now we’re reaching the point that software *must* be designed to take advantage of multiple CPUs, or else a significant chunk of your average microprocessor will go unused.

If you have 5 minutes after you’re done with your real work (i.e. reading this blog), head on over there and take a peek, and then make sure you re-test all of your drivers on MP boxes for good measure.

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