DevCon is finally here. I’ve been waiting for 18 months or so since the last one – it was really a blast then, and the schedule looks just as interesting this time. Here’s hoping! I almost wound up here a week early, though – I actually bought plane tickets for myself and two of my co-workers for last week, and it wasn’t until I sent the itenerary out at the office that they corrected me. Fortunately, I had waited so long to buy tickets that my only option was refundable, so it all worked out okay. 🙂

I have been hinted at by those same co-workers that /YX doesn’t actually work very well for them. I am too lazy to reproduce the brokenness that they report, but seemingly it is not the bowl of cherries that I thought it was.

Anyway, Seattle is much nicer than Kansas City today, and I’m looking forward to the coming week’s worth of seminars.

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