Complaining in public – some say the whole point of having a blog!

There are many problems with working 80-hour-plus work weeks, and I’m well-acquainted with all of them. But the worst one, clearly, is this: I managed to miss not ONE but TWO shows tonight that I’ve been looking forward to for months, because I was too overloaded to remember they were coming. The Shins were in Lawrence, KS tonight, and Nickel Creek was in Des Moines, IA, a couple hours away. I’ve seen Nickel Creek a few times, but I’m a little Shins-crazy at the moment and would happily have shelled out the $20 or whatever it was for the show. How frustrating!

Michael Kaplan, whose blog I read every day (despite the fact that it’s not linked at the side… gotta update the blogroll some day… I hate .Text…) has a post where he points out a pretty funny post on Language Log dealing with split infinitives. I’m kind of the Resident Grammar Goon at my office (although I can’t spell worth a damn, which you know if you have been reading this blog for any appreciable period of time), and I love LL (even though it’s not on my blog list either). This is what I love about The Blogosphere™ – it crosslinks the web in the most amazingly interesting ways. This paragraph gets the award for the most parentheticals ever (which it richly deserves).

In kernel-mode news, Mark Roddy has updated his popular DDKBUILD script. For those of you who haven’t figured out Vim yet, this is the ticket – it lets you use Visual Studio to develop drivers using the DDK. The latest update adds support for the current Windows Driver Framework beta. Mark does this as a community service, and his efforts are much appreciated.

Incidentally, if you haven’t checked out the WDF beta yet, you should. I was very impressed with their work, and Johan (whose last name slips my mind atm), the PM for the team, really seemed like he has his ducks in a row. My wife has been wearing around an OSR shirt I got at DevCon that clearly illustrates the fact that you can save an entire shirt-front of WDM code using two or three lines of WDF code on the back. If that doesn’t sell you, imagine never writing PnP and power code again. Did that get you? No? Then you’ve never written a WDM driver. Or you did it wrong. 🙂

Okay, rant over. Next up: ExInterlockedRemoveEntryList(). Hmm, wait, that doesn’t exist. . .

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