All About Compilers

I’ve heard about compilers no fewer than three times today, so I decided I’d have to blog about it before the subject would go away. 🙂

First off, there’s a very interesting discussion going on over at NTDEV about structure packing differences between the Visual Studio compiler and the DDK compiler. Let it never be said that compiler choice doesn’t matter when building drivers – this goes for people using the VS compiler, people trying to use the Intel compiler, or even those who have tried building Windows binaries on MinGW.

Second, AprilR has a post on her blog called What’s the deal with all of these C++ compilers, anyway?, that is a really interesting read (if you’re a nerd like me!). Someone at Microsoft once said something to the effect of “Revving a compiler is really difficult” – and this is some explanation for that fact. Interesting read!

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