MVP Summit

I’m heading off to the MVP summit at the end of next week. Looks like a really cool event; I can’t wait. Work’s been bonkers lately, hence the low post volume. I’m enbarking on a very interesting filesystems-related project this month, which looks like fun.

There was/is a thread on NTDEV about it at the moment; it reminds me of some of the investigating I did and reported on here a few months back.

Unrelated: i just got my first real RSS reader set up (I had been using Safari RSS, which doesn’t count). This is going to use much more time than it saves. Some time I’ll post the list of feeds I read. It’s getting serious. 🙂

The fine folks that run the blog server I’m on (Thanks, Susan!) are getting serious about upgrading us to Community Server. Here’s hopin’ they get their SQL magic worked out. I love kernel mode!

[edited 9/27 for typos]

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