Filter Manager Redistributable For Windows 2000

Good news! An NTDEV poster pointed out that Filter Manager is available as a redistributible from Microsoft, if you call them and ask nicely. I hope this turns into a fully-supported redistributible. But, it’s one less reason to ever try to write a filesystem filter that’s not a minifilter.

UPDATE: Neal clarifies on NTDEV:

Let me clear up some confusion.  This KB article is not for the
redistributable.  It simply is to let people know that filter manager
was part of the W2K URP.

We are still planning on releasing the redistributable.

I agree that it has taken longer then originally planned.  I pinged the
group in India that is doing this, unfortunately this week was a holiday
and most people were out.  I will have a status update on the
redistributable at the PlugFest next week (14-18).

Neal Christiansen
Microsoft File System Filter Group Lead
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