Fun with Network Solutions

My DNS service (currently with Network Solutions) managed to get reset today, presumably because I was foolish enough to renew my services this morning. Sorry about the inconvenience; the real domain should be back up shortly, with my current blog intact.

Traffic Engineering, Literally

This post is all about protocols. When protocols are violated, the whole system breaks down, and people get angry. To wit:

Like many people, nothing pisses me off faster than stupid drivers. And of all stupid driving techniques, none piss me off more than people driving slowly in the fast lane. And, let’s be perfectly clear, the “speed limit” (which is really a floor-type limit, not a ceiling) is considered slow.

I travel semi-regularly in Europe – I have some family in Switzerland – and I always rent a car and drive while I’m there. People in Europe seem to know how to operate the fast lane: it is for going faster than the slow[er] lanes. You get into the left lane to pass, and when you have passed, you get back into the right lane. That way, if someone (i.e. me) wants to pass you, you’re not camping out making that person yell obscenities and curse your very existence.

So, please, be kind: drive in the right lane, and pass in the left lane, and no matter what, don’t ever go slower in the left lane than the cars in the right lane!