Windows DataGrid Enhancments

I spent quite a bit of time this week enhancing the MM .NET Windows Forms DataGrid. Here are the enhancements I’ve made: Added a MultiSelect property that allows developers to specify if a grid should operate in multi-select mode (the default) or single-select mode Added a GetSelectedRows() method that returns a DataSet containing a list of currently selected rows. Added a SelectRowOnCellClick property that specifies if the entire row should be selected when a grid cell is clicked Added a SelectedRowCountChange event to the grid that is automatically fired when the number of selected rows changes. This is useful when … Continue reading Windows DataGrid Enhancments

Using the CLSCompliant attribute

I’m out of the office this week doing some .NET mentoring at a client’s site. This sort of work always ends up evolving MM .NET since I get a chance to see how developers are using it in building real-world applications. One of the new features in MM .NET that will come from this visit is pick lists for Windows Forms…stay tuned for more information! Did you know… You can apply the CLSCompliant attribute on an assembly (or just about any other program element) and have the compiler check if your code is CLS (Common Language System) compliant (which means it … Continue reading Using the CLSCompliant attribute

Infragistics Web Controls Integration Complete!

Whew! I finished integrating the following Infragistics Web Controls with MM .NET today: UltraChart UltraWebGrid UltraWebListbar UltraWebMenu UltraWebTab UltraWebToolbar UltraWebTree WebCalendar WebCombo WebCurrencyEdit WebDateChooser WebDateTimeEdit WebMaskEdit WebNumericEdit WebTextEdit We’ve implemented the MM .NET data binding, security, and localization interfaces on these controls (where each makes sense). I’m impressed with the look and functionality of these controls. If you haven’t checked them out yet I recommend it! It will take me a few days to pull together a release, but if you’re a current MM .NET developer and would like an early release send us an e-mail ( and we’ll get … Continue reading Infragistics Web Controls Integration Complete!

Entering the Blogosphere!

So I’ve entered the Blogosphere! I’ve waited a while to start this blog because of “so much to do, so little time”, but I think there’s a lot of value in this form of communication. I plan to use this blog for two main purposes: 1. Posting interesting “did you know?” information relevant to all .NET developers 2. Posting information specific to what I’m currently working on (architecting, coding, etc) in our Mere Mortals .NET Framework Since I am a C# MVP, I decided to create this blog on…thanks to Susan Bradley for making this site available! So, let’s get … Continue reading Entering the Blogosphere!