Infragistics Windows Controls Integration Complete

I’ve been seriously neglecting my blogging duties in favor of getting work done <s>, but wanted to post information on our integration with Infragistics Windows Controls. We completed the integration a few weeks back, integrating the following Infragistics controls with MM .NET: AnimationControl UltraButton UltraCalculator UltraCalculatorDropDown UltraCalendarCombo UltraChart UltraCheckEditor UltraColorPicker UltraCombo UltraComboEditor UltraCurrencyEditor UltraDateTimeEditor UltraDayView UltraDropDownButton UltraExplorerBar UltraFontNameEditor UltraGrid UltraLabel UltraListBar UltraMaskedEdit UltraMonthViewMulti UltraMonthViewSingle UltraNumericEditor UltraOptionSet UltraPictureBox UltraStatusBar UltraTabControl UltraTabStripControl UltraTextEditor UltraTimeZoneEditor UltraTreeView UltraWeekView As with their web controls, we have added MM . NET automatic data binding, security, and localization to these controls. Again, if you’re not familiar with … Continue reading Infragistics Windows Controls Integration Complete