Purchasing Visual Studio 2005 (and most everything else) for $375!

If you don’t already have an MSDN subscription or if you need to renew soon, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the Microsoft Empower program: https://partner.microsoft.com/global/40010429 This is the deal of the century. For just $375 (this is NOT a typo), you get: up to five operating system licenses as well as Microsoft Office (Premium or Developer Editions), licenses for Windows Server 2003, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Office SharePoint Portal Server, one MSDN Universal subscription with five user licenses which includes Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition, as well as technical support and 10 hours of ISV Advisory Service. In order to … Continue reading Purchasing Visual Studio 2005 (and most everything else) for $375!

VS 2005 Design-Time Expression Evaluation

FYI, I have written an article for Universal Thread magazine on design-time expression evaluation in Visual Studio 2005: http://www.utmag.com/wconnect/wc.dll?LevelExtreme~9,7,10,857 Design-time expression evaluation is a great new feature of VS 2005 that allows you to instantiate and test your application classes at design time by means of the new Object Browser and the enhanced Immediate Window. For those of you who come from the FoxPro world, this is very much like FoxPro’s Command Window.

Uninstalling Visual Studio 2005 Betas

With Visual Studio 2005 now available for download on the Microsoft web site, you probably have an older copy of VS 2005 on your machine you would like to completely uninstall so you can install the VS 2005 final release. Great news…Microsoft has created some tools for the job. I was IMing with Rick Strahl tonight and he told me about Andrew Stebner’s web log which contains links to some VS 2005 uninstall tools: http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archive/2005/10/27/485987.aspx Hopefully this will help you have a smooth transition to the new release!