Fixing "Configuration System Failed to Initalize" Exception

If you see the “Configuration System Failed to Initialize” exception at run time, it is typically caused by an invalid entry in your app.config or web.config file. In my case, I encountered this exception when I had an “<add key…>” element out of place. Oddly enough, the compiler didn’t warn me about this when I rebuilt my solution with the config file open (as it usually does with most other config file errors).

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14 thoughts on “Fixing "Configuration System Failed to Initalize" Exception

  1. play alot of fantasy games.i’m in fantasy baseball and i’m having problems with dwn loading players i can was fine for a nothing.does configurations have anything to do with internet explorer stops working.

  2. in cbs fantasy baseball.there is a draft lobby were you can select players you would like to draft.upon entering the draft lobby,it supposed load all major league players.i had no problems with this for over a i can’t load players at all.i can enter,but nothing else happens.can this becaused by configuration problems?

  3. In my case the exception was because of versioning problems in the assembly. Just deleted the old user configs from:


    and solved.

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