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Well, it’s been a while since my last blog post, but I wanted to let all of you lurkers know I’m about 80% complete with my upcoming book “iOS App Development for Everyone”! Many of my .NET friends and associates are very interested in iOS development, so I’ll be posting information here in my MSMVP blog as well as on our book site.

This book’s intended audience is BOTH developers and non-developers. Apple’s software development tools are finally at a point where people who have never written code before can create iOS Apps.

My wife Sharlene is one of the people going through the book. She’s never written code before (except a few lines of Pascal in college), so she’s a great candidate to tell me when something needs to be explained further! This isn’t a “Dummies” book, but rather a book for smart people who haven’t written code before. Knowledgable developers can skip over the more rudimentary sections and get into the meatier topics. I think readers will find it’s the most exhaustive book written on iOS development to date (the chapter on Objective-C and the chapter on Xcode are each 200+ pages).

The book will be in printed, e-book, and iBooks 2 format (which will include videos and slide presentations). It’s been a lot of work, but a lot of fun breaking down programming principles into concepts easily understood by non-programmers.

I’ll be announcing soon a pre-sale offer for the book where interested readers can get early copies of the book so they can begin diving in!

For more information and samples of the book, check out our web site:


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