Apple releases new version of Xcode (for creating iOS / Mac OS X Apps) today!

Today, Apple released the latest version of Xcode (version 4.5.2) today. “Prolific” is the word that comes to mind.

This is great news, because as I am in then process of finishing up our new Xcode book (the third book in our iOS App Development for Non-Programmers series), I have run into several  stability issues on a regular basis.I could consistently get Xcode to “blow up” when laying out the user interface by setting certain attributes and when working with the new Autolayout feature introduced in Xcode 4.5.

Apple’s release notes indicate that most of the changes in this version resolve Xcode stability issues as well as auto layout and storyboard bugs.

The iPad Mini Simulator?
If you’re looking for a version of Xcode that has a simulator for the new iPad Mini, then you need to wait. It’s not in this version, but it’s a safe bet that Apple will introduce the iPad Mini Simulator soon!

Plan for Plenty of Disk Space!
The new version of Xcode is 1.56GB download, so make sure you have plenty of room on your hard drive for the download and the installation. If you don’t have adequate room on your hard drive, the Xcode installation can stop mid-way with a very vague error message, or no error message at all!

Happy App Writing!
Kevin McNeish
Author: iOS App Development for Non-Programmers book series
Twitter: @kjmcneish


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