Book 3: Navigating Xcode 4.6 now available on Amazon!

Great news! Book 3: Navigating Xcode 4.6 in our iOS App Development for Non-Programmers is now available on Amazon:

This third book in the series helps you deliver high-quality Apps more quickly as it teaches you to take full advantage of all the great features in Xcode 4.6.

Book 3 also includes information on:

  • Taking full advantage of the new user interface Auto Layout model
  • Thorough explanations and project samples on how to use all of the iOS user interface controls
  • Creating a well-designed App architecture that makes it easy to enhance and extend your Apps
  • Saving Data on an iOS Device with Core Data
  • In-depth coverage of using table views to manage lists of data
  • Saving Data on an iOS Device with Core Data
  • Managing Change with Refactoring
  • Moving Your Apps to iPhone 5 and iOS 6
  • And much more!

Includes Step-by-Step Instructional Videos!
Book 3 includes step-by-step instructional videos in which you watch the author perform each exercise in the book. This is great for non-programmers who might need some extra help.

All the best!
Kevin McNeish

Twitter: @kjmcneish


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