CP: The Truth About Visual Studio Support on Windows Vista

Found on LonghornBlogs this interesting post from Robert Law


I was briefed earlier today on Visual Studio support on Windows Vista, and I wanted to clear the air… because there seems to be some confusion.

  • Visual Studio 6.0 – Supported on Windows Vista
  • Visual Studio 2002 – Not supported on Windows Vista
  • Visual Studio 2003 – Not supported on Windows Vista
  • Visual Studio 2005 SP1- Supported on Windows Vista, currently has UAC-related compatibility issues that may get in your way. This issues will be fixed after Vista RTMs. (I suspect if you shut UAC off you won’t have these issues… but of course I don;t recommend that)

What does this mean for developers? Well, it’s important to remember that the .NET 1.1 runtime will still be compatible with Vista, so your apps themselves will continue to run fine. But for the tools, it would take a lot of work to bring those apps up to speed, and Microsoft has to make hard choices on how it allocates its resources.

If you’re in a large organization, and you still have to support .NET 1.1 code, chances are pretty good you’re on Software Assurance, and you’ll have a copy of Windows Vista Enterprise. Time to utilize one of your 4 VPC image license and fire up your development environment in Virtual PC. If you’re not in a large organization, Virtual PC / Virtual Server is still free. Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 Beta 2 (say that 5x fast) has a new utility called VHDMount that lets you mount a VHD as a physical hard drive on the host. You can store all of your source code in a separate VHD and access it from both the host and the guest.

UPDATE: Don’t forget about MSBee, which lets you compile to .NET 1.1 on VS2005.

The other solution is to migrate most of the organization to Vista and keep the developers on XP/2003. You can still develop for .NET 3.0 on those platforms, so most apps shouldn’t have a problem (unless you’re hooking into something like dwmapi.dll)

Anyways, is Microsoft trying to purpously force people to upgrade to .NET 2.0/3.0? Absolutely not. But you have to ask youself a question: Would rather Visual Studio “Orcas” be delayed until the end of 2007 to get 2003 running on Vista? I know my answer is “hell no”, and yours probably is too.

It’s a bad deal, but in the end, it’s the right call to keep other products on track. I wish Microsoft baked VPC into Vista like virtualization was built into OSX for OS9 compatibility… but I’m just a crazy man.



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CP: Windows PowerShell RC2 Now Available

Today Microsoft announced the availability of Microsoft Windows PowerShell RC2, the command line shell and scripting language that helps IT Professionals achieve greater productivity and control of system administration. Using a new admin-focused scripting language and consistent syntax and utilities, Windows PowerShell accelerates automation.  Windows PowerShell is easy to adopt, learn, and use, because it works with existing IT infrastructure and scripting tools.

This Release Candidate 2 of Windows PowerShell addresses numerous customer requests based on their evaluation of Beta3 and RC1 including:

· Direct ADSI support to allow IT Pros to more easily administer Active Directory

· Improved support for Windows Management Instrumentation through ability to change WMI properties via methods

· Additional logical operators (XOR and binary XOR) that make it easier to write sophisticated scripts

· Improved help content and help functionality including new views that make it easier to find the right information.

Windows PowerShell 1.0 will release-to-web in Q4 CY06

Windows PowerShell will be leveraged by Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and System Center Operations Manager 2007.

Customers can download Windows PowerShell RC2 at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/925228


Hidden Password Generator In Windows Xp

Here’s how:

  • Go to Run on the Start menu and type ‘cmd’ (without the quotes)
  • A DOS like command prompt window will open. You must see the flashing cursor. 
  • At the command prompt type ‘net user administrator /random’ (without the quotes)

Note: There is space before the slant(/)
Command prompt will now generate a strong password for you to use.


Increase Internet Bandwidth

Broadband connection are fast. But did you know that you can still increase the speed (bandwidth) of your broadband connection (e.g. Smartbro wireless broadband). You can still speed up your bandwidth by 20% more without cost. Just follow this simple step but be extra carefull because it involves editing your registry.
Because Windows XP seems want to reserve 20% of the bandwidth for its self. Even with QoS disabled, even when this item is disabled. So why not use it to your advantage.




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Inline Search v 1.1 for Internet Explorer

Nem tudom, hogyan kerülhette el figyelmemet. Fokoznom kell az éberséget.

Inline Search is an extremely useful free add-on for Internet Explorer that mimicks Firefox’s search behavior i.e. it turns searching into a web page into a non modal research experience coupled with a search as you type facility. It integrates flawlessly into IE (version 5.5 or above), giving it that little extra that makes you a lot more efficient when you are looking for a specific piece of information.