Download details: Microsoft Terminology Translations

Hogy tudjuk,  miről van szó:

To provide users with more up-to-date terminology, Microsoft has replaced the content that was previously posted to the ftp site with a more concise document that is easier to use. We have consolidated and moved the data from the ftp site to the Microsoft download center in an effort to significantly increase reliability and accessibility for users.
This current version includes terms used in Windows Vista and Office 2007.

Source: Download details: Microsoft Terminology Translations

No More Clean Installs Using Upgrade Discs With Windows Vista

Néhány kérdés felmerül bennem, amikre nem tudom a választ:

  • És akkor hogy’ csinálok egy komplett reinstallt?
  • Felrakok egy upgrade-elhető korábbi verziót és arról upgrade-elem?
  • Ennek ugyanannak kell lennie, mint ami az eredeti upgrade esetében volt?
  • Hogyan néz ez ki a regisztrációkor? 

When it comes to the Windows Vista, Microsoft is changing a long-standing tradition when it comes to upgrading from a previous version of Windows. No longer will popping in a disc of a previous version of Windows during setup satisfy the people in Redmond when using an upgrade CD. For example, when performing a clean install of Windows XP Profes…

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TinyUrler : Useful tool of the day

Fear the Cowboy blogból:

Today, I present a tiny little app that I built to help out pasting URLs in various contexts.

TinyUrler watches the clipboard for things that look like URLs, sends them off to TinyUrl to get shrunk down, and puts it back in the clipboard.

Pretty simple, no extra features, just a quick and dirty URL fixer.

Source: TinyUrler : Useful tool of the day

Update (2000.01.30): Jól működik, de egyes programok nem tudnak mit kezdeni a tömörített URL-ekkel (pl.: Omea). Alkalmasabb lenne, ha a jobb egér gombra lenne egy olyan menüpont, hogy “Insert uncompressed URL”.

Degrees of Quality – Alden Systems

Brian Madsen blogbejegyzése alapján jutottam el ide. A szerző (Boyne Cutting) nagyon érdekes példa kódokkal világítja meg állításait.

Understandably no vendor will admit to producing bad software, but the standard of quality of most software in use is generally regarded as poor. Unfortunately the internals of software are opaque and it is difficult, especially for those not familiar with programming, to assess the quality of a project. This article will attempt to provide some guidance as to what constitutes bad quality, good quality and the greys in between.

Source: Degrees of Quality – Alden Systems