PowerShell on Server Core « Dmitry’s PowerBlog: PowerShell and beyond

Below is a step-by-step instruction on installing Windows PowerShell on Windows Server 2008 in Server Core mode.

Note that these are in no way official or supported by Microsoft. Microsoft is working on official version of .NET and PowerShell for Server Core installations, so eventually you will be able to get this fully supported. Until then below are the instructions you can use at your own risk, etc., etc.

PowerShell on Server Core « Dmitry’s PowerBlog: PowerShell and beyond

MSFN – Adobe Reader Speed-Up v1.36

Adobe Reader 8.0-ra is! 

Adobe Reader SpeedUp is a simple application that was created to help make the loading time of Adobe’s Acrobat/Reader software bearable for everyday use. AR SpeedUp only needs to be used once (a process taking only a few seconds) and then your ‘Reader will be transformed forever. There are also some tweaking options available. “w00t!”, as the young kids say.
 Download: Adobe Reader Speed-Up v1.36 (Freeware)
 View: Change Log
 Homepage: Adobe Reader Speed-Up

Source: MSFN – Adobe Reader Speed-Up v1.36

ATMs hacked using MP3 player | News.blog | CNET News.com

Ezt nem hiszem el: 

A criminal gang in the U.K. was able to steal confidential banking data by bugging ATMs with an MP3 player, The Times of London reported in its online edition Thursday.

The gang targeted freestanding cash dispensers and would tap the phone line between the ATM and a wall socket by placing a two-way adaptor on it and connecting an MP3 player, according to the newspaper.

The digital music device would record the data traffic, which sounds like the noise a traditional computer modem makes when connecting. The noise would be interpreted using a modem line tap or passed through a special computer software program.

The gang was then able to create copies of credit cards and make purchases worth 200,000 pounds, nearly $380,000, according to The Times.

Posted by Joris Evers

Source: ATMs hacked using MP3 player | News.blog | CNET News.com

Ilya Hevnikov’s Blog » Blog Archive » How To Triple Boot (XP, Vista, Ubuntu) With Single Boot Screen

A ghacks.net  nyomán jutottam ide. Úgy látom, némi utánolvasással ezen ragyogó útmutató alapján meg fogom próbálni.

Since Ubuntu 6.10 was released less than a month ago, Windows Vista went RTM and dates for new Ubuntu 7.4 were announced today, I thought I’ll post a tutorial on how to create a single boot screen triple boot system with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Ubuntu Edgy Eft.

A triple boot system isn’t that much different from a dual boot, but since Windows Vista is using a new boot loader called winload it screws up with your typical GRUB installation. And it is pretty annoying going up and down through several boot menus to select your desired operating system. The key is the sequence in which you install the OSes. To give you a rough idea, check the screenshot.

VMWare Snapshot Manager

You can read more on Vista’s boot process on Wikipedia.

Source: Ilya Hevnikov’s Blog » Blog Archive » How To Triple Boot (XP, Vista, Ubuntu) With Single Boot Screen

Internet Explorer 7 running side by side with IE6. (standalone mode)

Nyilván vannak fejlesztők, akiknek nehézséget okoz, hogy az IE7 jónéhány web oldalt az IE6-tól eltérően (mondhatjuk hibásnak is, de ez nem feltétlenül korrekt) jelenít meg. Na most ez nem újkeletű dolog, hiszen egyes dolgok megjelenítésében eltérés van az Opera, FireFox és az IE6 között is. Az IE6 és IE7 között azonban szignifikáns az eltérés. Ez alapvetően a CSS szabvány(ok) értelmezésében, interpretálásában keresendő. Az ellentmondások áthidalására találták ki a “standalone” módot. Ebben az esetben több, eltérő verziójú IE működhet egymás mellett.

Két, egymástól eltérő megvalósítású IE standalone:

1.)Yousif (TredoSoft) ez egy egyszerűbb megoldás
“The following steps should get IE7 up and running

    • Extract the IE7 self-extracting archive with WinRar or using the /x switch

    IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe /x

    • Navigate to the update directory of the extracted archive and run the following updates:
      • xmllitesetup.exe (This will enable limited support of tabbed browsing)
      • nldsl.exe
      • idndl.exe
    • create an empty text file called “iexplore.exe.local” and place it in the same directory as iexplore.exe
    • Run iexplore.exe!

    To enable conditional CSS support you need to edit the windows registry:

    • Click Start -> Run…
    • type “regedit” to start the registry editor.
    • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Version Vector
    • rename the key “IE” to “xIE“.

    Obviously some features will be broken like :

    • Context menus (the one you see when you right click on an empty space).
    • The main menu bar.
    • Disabling popup blocker.
    • Feed reader.
    • Installing ActiveX components and ActiveX support.
    • Showing combo-boxes
    • Web pages that require authentication.
    • Adding search providers via websites (like this one for example)

    The only way to fix this is to install IE7 using the official installer. The reason is that they require replacing certain keys used by IE6 in the windows registry. “

    Link to Internet Explorer 7 running side by side with IE6. (standalone mode) | TredoSoft

2.) Jon Galloway különféle registry furfangok (regmon, regmontoregfile) segítségével egy .reg file-t készített.

Részletesen: http://tools.veloc-it.com/tabid/58/grm2id/4/Default.aspx

Mindkét megoldás használható. Galloway még adós a végleges IE7 megoldásával, Yousif megoldása erre is jó.

Increase Internet Bandwidth

Broadband connection are fast. But did you know that you can still increase the speed (bandwidth) of your broadband connection (e.g. Smartbro wireless broadband). You can still speed up your bandwidth by 20% more without cost. Just follow this simple step but be extra carefull because it involves editing your registry.
Because Windows XP seems want to reserve 20% of the bandwidth for its self. Even with QoS disabled, even when this item is disabled. So why not use it to your advantage.



Hacker Discovers Adobe PDF Back Doors

Egy digg nyomán az eWeek-en olvashatunk Ryan Naraine tolmácsolásában, hogy egy David Kierznowski nevű – "penetration testing expert"  (ahh, de jó kis életcél, vö: Inetpub Certified Drink Master Professionals) – foglalkozású hacker

released proof-of-concept code and rigged PDF files to demonstrate how the Adobe Reader program could be used to launch attacks without any user action.

A hacker azt állítja, a kidolgozott technológia konkrét megvalósításával még nem találkozott. A  közétett, és teljesen peccselt Acrobat Reader-ben megnyitható demoi:

elég veszélyes helyzetet írnak le. A dolgot persze az érintett cég kissebbíteni igyekszik.

Kierznowski said his interest in auditing PDF files for back doors comes from a fascination with the concept of "passive hacking."

"Active exploitation techniques such as buffer overflows are becoming more and more difficult to find and exploit … The future of exploitation lies in Web technologies," he said, noting that internal users are often in a "relationship of trust" with the surrounding network.

Confirming a trend that sees Microsoft Office applications—Word, Excel, PowerPoint—used in zero-day attacks, Kierznowski sees a future of client-side hacking that expands the functionality of a service.

"This form of hacking merely manipulates the user's client to perform a certain function, effectively using the user's circle of trust," he said.

Copy Paste with middle mouse button (True X-Mouse Gizmo for Windows)

martin írta blogjában:

…Lucky me had already a bookmark to the freeware true x-mouse gizmo for windows website


X11 is better for fingers.
Copy with mouse.
Paste with mouse.
Focus without clicks.
Raise and lower windows.
So called X-Mouse.
One and only… True X-Mouse Gizmo.

Over the years Microsoft (being under the user community pressure) has undertaken some half-hearted attempts to bring the fewer-clicks functionality to Windows. Yet the most far reaching TweakUI (see PowerToys for Windows XP for XP version) goes only about one fifth of the way. Indeed, to an average X11-user the expression “X-Mouse” means the following:

  1. Keyboard focus follows mouse pointer instantly (the only one that can be achieved with TweakUI, annoyingly enough accompanied by the “quality” to raise the window upon click).

  2. Marked text is placed into the paste buffer instantly on left button release.

  3. Pasting is done with a single middle button click. (The latter two are implemented in couple of applications – only to feel more acutely the lack of it in the rest of the windows!)

  4. Ability to lower windows with right button click on window decoration.

  5. Autoraise (if engaged) is delayed relative to input refocusing.

All of the above is what this “True X-Mouse Gizmo” is about:-)

The Gizmo is designed to work on 98/Me/2000/XP/.NET/2003.

Teljesen el kell olvasni a cikket, van még egyéb is.

Another thing to look at is an X icon in the system tray. If it looks light red or “happy:” xm, TXMouse is ready to copy on mark.


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CP: Use Gmail Generate Unlimited E-mail Addresses

A ShoutWire-on olvastam a címről:

Gmail has an interesting quirk where you can add a plus sign (+) after your Gmail address, and it’ll still get to your inbox. It’s called plus-addressing, and it essentially gives you an unlimited number of e-mail addresses to play with. Here’s how it works: say your address is pinkyrocks@gmail.com, and you want to automatically label all work e-mails. Add a plus sign and a phrase to make it pinkyrocks+work@gmail.com and set up a filter to label it work (to access your filters go to Settings->Filters and create a filter for messages addressed to pinkyrocks+work@gmail.com. Then add the label work).

Mire jó?:

  • Find out who is spamming you
  • Automatically label your incoming mail
  • Archive your mail

Úgy tűnik, használni is fogom.