Updated version of Jetstress (v.08.01.0075)

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A while after the release of the new Jetstress 2007 (08.01.0038), Microsoft made a minor update to this storage performance testing tool, in order to correct some issues, as described in Hyungmin Lee blog: Jetstress 08.01.0075 has fixed a list of issues. Here are the links to download the new version (v.08.01.0075):

Use Jetstress to verify the performance and stability of a disk subsystem prior to putting an Exchange server into production. Jetstress helps verify disk performance by simulating Exchange disk Input/Output (I/O) load. Specifically, Jetstress simulates the Exchange database and log file loads produced by a specific number of users. You use Performance Monitor, Event Viewer, and ESEUTIL in conjunction with Jetstress to verify that your disk subsystem meets or exceeds the performance criteria you establish. After a successful completion of the Jetstress Disk Performance and Stress Tests in a non-production environment, you will have ensured that your Exchange disk subsystem is adequately sized (in terms of performance criteria you establish) for the user count and user profiles you have established. It is highly recommended that the Jetstress user read through the tool documentation before using the tool.

Note Jetstress is only supported when running with Exchange 2000, Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007 or newer versions of ESE.DLL. Also, due to this support limitation, Jetstress is only supported on Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, Advanced Server, Datacenter and newer Windows OS platforms (Windows NT 4.0 and older builds are not supported).

Source: Updated version of Jetstress (v.08.01.0075)

Outlook Theurgists – tools for MS Outlook – home of QuoteFix Macro, Reminder Macro and Add Contact Macro

Oliver Kopp hasznos makrói.

  • QuoteFix Macro fixes the quotes and the ugly word wrapping produced by Outlook.
  • Quote Colorizer Macro is based on QuoteFix Macro and colors your quotes during editing.
  • Reminder Macro opens a Messagebox if the subject of a mail is empty or if the text of the mail implies that a file is attached, but no attachment ist found.
  • Add Contact Macro automatically adds email addresses you send an email to into a custom address book.
  • Source: Outlook Theurgists – tools for MS Outlook – home of QuoteFix Macro, Reminder Macro and Add Contact Macro

    You Had Me At EHLO… : Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2007 mailbox migration

    Esetleg még néhány verziót bele kéne iktatni, hogy érdekesebb legyen. 

    Migrating mailboxes from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange Server 2007 directly is not supported. Using native tools, administrators will have to perform this kind of migration as a two-step process which includes:

    1. Migrating from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003
    2. Migrating from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007

    Source: You Had Me At EHLO… : Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2007 mailbox migration

    How spammers identify their targets

    A Slashdot blogja mutatott rá Brent Huston, security.itworld.com igen lényeges cikkére.

    Ebben tapasztalatai alapján részletezi a spammerek 4 fő technikáját:

    • The first, and least common, is spammers that obtain temporary legal and real accounts with ISPs.
    • The second method used to send spam is through compromised hosts, usually workstations and home computers on high-speed connections such as DSL or cable modems.
    • The third way spam is spread is using web forms.
    • The last, and most common method that spammers use is via open relays.

    A következtetése is érdekes:

    From this process I learned that they were doing much more server analysis than I expected before they dump their spam. I also learned that they do a multi-step approach. They scan the server for proper RFC compliance, and then they send a test message to a disposable address. Only after these are complete did they adopt the tool to dump their spam. This is much more cautious than I expected them to be.

    CP: Use Gmail Generate Unlimited E-mail Addresses

    A ShoutWire-on olvastam a címről:

    Gmail has an interesting quirk where you can add a plus sign (+) after your Gmail address, and it’ll still get to your inbox. It’s called plus-addressing, and it essentially gives you an unlimited number of e-mail addresses to play with. Here’s how it works: say your address is pinkyrocks@gmail.com, and you want to automatically label all work e-mails. Add a plus sign and a phrase to make it pinkyrocks+work@gmail.com and set up a filter to label it work (to access your filters go to Settings->Filters and create a filter for messages addressed to pinkyrocks+work@gmail.com. Then add the label work).

    Mire jó?:

    • Find out who is spamming you
    • Automatically label your incoming mail
    • Archive your mail

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