Marie’s recent list of new SBS (et al) related KB articles

This was posted by Marie McFadden on March 26, 2004: SBS 2003827606 You receive an “Error 403 – Forbidden” error message when you click a Shutdown and restart operations are very slow in Windows Small Business ISA Server prevents connection to a remote desktop when you connect Macintosh users cannot connect to Outlook Web Access when it is hosted How to move the client programs folder to another location in Windows Backup fails on a computer that is running Small Business Server 2003 Overview of the Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2003 Update: “Unable to create a shadow copy” error … Continue reading Marie’s recent list of new SBS (et al) related KB articles

How to exclude specific computers to connect to in RWW

When you run RWW (http://FQDN/remote), you are presented with a list of computers that you can select from to connect to. If you want to hide a computer from the Connect to my computer at work, create (add) the following key to Registry on the server, and add the machine you want to hide. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SmallBusinessServer\RemoteUserPortal\ExcludeList (String Value) It is a comma-delimited list fo computers to exclude from the RWW computer selection page.

VBS script for KB 839262 patch

Services may stop abruptly when you shut down or restart a Windows Small Business Server 2003-based computer This reg key should be checked and corrected – no exceptions! I am also including a link to a VBS script file (see below) provided by Jeff that automatically makes the appropriate registry change. I’ve tested it on my home server. Note: be sure to save the VBS script file to your SBS server and run it only from your server. That is, don’t be like me and try to run it on your workstation — it will try to update your workstation’s registry!

PDF file for RPC over HTTP

Here is a PDF document I created (quickly) to address the process I followed for making RPC over HTTP work. I hope you find it helpful. If you have suggestions, let me know for making it better. Also — Mariette has added an article on her site with more infop on RPC over HTTP. Check it out at: -kw

Files to exclude from virus scanning

In addition to all the good advice you’ve received from other responders to your post, please ensure that the real-time and scheduled scans folder exclusions specified by the articles below are implemented on the server: 823166 Overview of Exchange Server 2003 and Antivirus Software 822158 Virus Scanning Recommendations on a Windows 2000 or on a Windows Server 309422 INF: Consideration for a Virus Scanner on a Computer That Is Running SQL

Attach tape backup logs to the daily server status e-mailed report

PROBLEM: I’ve configured two SBS03 servers and one of them is attaching the backup log files with the daily status report e-mail and the other is not. I’ve gone through the backup and monitoring wizards on the server that is not sending the logs and I can’t find or remember where to set that option. I’ve searched the online help (not thoroughly enough, I’m sure) and can’t find the answer there, either. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks. SOLUTION: To configure ‘Server Status Report’ to include ‘Backup Logs’, please do the following steps: 1. ‘Server Management’ ‘ ‘Standard … Continue reading Attach tape backup logs to the daily server status e-mailed report

Using RPC over HTTP for laptop both in & out of the office

This comes from smallbizserver2003 private/directaccess newsgroup: PROBLEM: I have a customer who has a number of notebook users (Win XP Pro) who wants to setup the notebooks so Outlook can be used to their SBS2003 server from both the inside network and also the outside using IPC over HTTP. The SBS server is on their inside network with single LAN card and connected via a firewall router to an ADSL internet connectionin – a fairly standard sort of setup. The router is doing NAT to 192.168.1.x . They have a FQDN that points to the firewall and port forwards to the SBS … Continue reading Using RPC over HTTP for laptop both in & out of the office

How to install Trend C/S/M for SMB

Here’s the procedure for Trend CSM for SMB. 1. Decide whether you want to use the Adminstrator account for CSM, or another account. If you don’t want to use the Administrator account, create an account. (I use the Administrator account.) 2. Run setup – install on IIS is generally the only selection available.3. Enter the FQDN server.domain.local OR the IP of the SBS. I prefer the IP, it seems to work better.4. Install into IIS Virtual Web Site (NOT the default web site).5. Use port 8085 for communication.6. Deselect SSL.7. Use Administrator account – If ISA enter proxy info, if … Continue reading How to install Trend C/S/M for SMB

Create Multiple Websites with one IP address (Host Headers)

Here are links to several web pages offering detailed information on using Host Headers: