Attach tape backup logs to the daily server status e-mailed report

PROBLEM: I’ve configured two SBS03 servers and one of them is attaching the backup log files with the daily status report e-mail and the other is not. I’ve gone through the backup and monitoring wizards on the server that is not sending the logs and I can’t find or remember where to set that option. I’ve searched the online help (not thoroughly enough, I’m sure) and can’t find the answer there, either. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks.

SOLUTION: To configure ‘Server Status Report’ to include ‘Backup Logs’, please do the following steps:

1. ‘Server Management’ ‘ ‘Standard Management’ ‘ ‘Monitoring and Reporting’, and then click ‘Change Server Status Report Settings’.
2. With ‘Server Usage Report’ highlighted, click ‘Edit’.
3. Switch to the ‘Content’ tab, and then check the mark before ‘SBS Backup Logs’.
4. Click OK to apply the modification and send the report again.

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