How to install Trend C/S/M for SMB

Here’s the procedure for Trend CSM for SMB.

1. Decide whether you want to use the Adminstrator account for CSM, or another account. If you don’t want to use the Administrator account, create an account. (I use the Administrator account.)

2. Run setup – install on IIS is generally the only selection available.
3. Enter the FQDN server.domain.local OR the IP of the SBS. I prefer the IP, it seems to work better.
4. Install into IIS Virtual Web Site (NOT the default web site).
5. Use port 8085 for communication.
6. Deselect SSL.
7. Use Administrator account – If ISA enter proxy info, if no ISA enter nothing in proxy.
8. If you don’t have the activation code – register now, the email with the code comes real quick. (note that you can go this far prior to the actual install if you like, and get the activation code so you don’t have to do this while installing).
9. Accept the server/client port.
10. Accept the client installation for the SBS (installs the Officescan client on the server)
11. The install proceeds, then open the admin console.

– This completes Officescan installation, now on to Scanmail.

12. Go to the Scanmail link on the left, and install Scanmail to the IP of your SBS. Scanmail and eManager are installed.

– This completes the installation of CSM SMB. Now you need to make some settings.

1. In the CSM console, click on the Clients view so you can see the Officescan ‘domain’. Your SBS will be listed there.
2. Create a new Officescan ‘domain’, and move your SBS computer to the new domain. The original domain will be used for workstations.
3. Click on your SBS computer icon, and set the client priveliges to your liking.
4. Click on Scan options | Real time Scan settings, and find the Exclusions link.
5. Put <drive> pagefile.sys in the lower ‘file’ exclusion list.
6. Put <these are default locations>

c:\Program files\exchsrvr
\trend micro in the directory exclusion area.
Note that if you have moved your exchange data and or logs somewhere, be sure to exclude them. Note also you can be more granular with your exclusions if you want – you don’t have to exclude the entire directory.

Another note – there is a tick box for excluding Trend product directories, but I do it manually anyway.
Yet another note – On all screens make sure you APPLY the settings by scrolling down to the bottom and clicking the button.

What you’ve done with the two Officescan ‘domains’, is enabled different settings for the server versus the clients. Now when you add client
machines, you can set the options on that domain (rather than each workstation) so they apply to all workstations, but not the server. Sometime this is useful.

7. Click on Updates, Server updates, Automatic Update, check the options and set the frequency to hourly.

8. Click on Manual Update, select the options you want, and update now to get the lates files and make sure connectiviy is there.

9. Log off Officescan console.


1. Use the non HTML console from start | all programs.
2. Log on, click on Scheduled Update.
3. Enable scheduled update, and set it to hourly, select pattern file and engine.
4. If you use ISA, click on the Proxy Settings button and enter the proxy info.
5. Click on Update Now, select the options, set proxy info if you use ISA, and click on Update now.

Those are the basics to get protection. You can learn the fine tuning and option stuff (including eManager) as you go.

Les Connor [SBS MVP]
SBS Rocks !

7 thoughts on “How to install Trend C/S/M for SMB

  1. wow, just discovered you blog as well as compose (music?) and lyrics.

    these kind of clear a-z articles are brilliant for SBS’ers – keep on keeping on, it’s appreciated!!!


  2. Should the M: drive be included in this file exclusions list? i.e. Be included in Item # 6. Put <these are default locations>

  3. Have done a few CSM installs and have had to choose default website in step 4, installing to a virtual site seems to then prevent me from opening the web console to configure Officescan etc.

  4. Just discovered your blog. Thank God for folk like you that light the path for other folk coming behind.

    Thanks very much for this as it lessens the learning curve for me.

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