VBS script for KB 839262 patch

Services may stop abruptly when you shut down or restart a Windows Small Business Server 2003-based computer

This reg key should be checked and corrected – no exceptions!

I am also including a link to a VBS script file (see below) provided by Jeff that automatically makes the appropriate registry change. I’ve tested it on my home server.

Note: be sure to save the VBS script file to your SBS server and run it only from your server. That is, don’t be like me and try to run it on your workstation — it will try to update your workstation’s registry!


One thought on “VBS script for KB 839262 patch

  1. This script should be downloaded and executed at the SBS 2003 server only.

    The change it makes to the registry is required by the SBS 2003, corrects the error established by the default install setup of SBS 2003. Yet, the same regkey exists in all NT Family workstations and servers. That means the key is already present and valid on those stations too, but the value set is normally correct, and a shorter time (smaller value) than the script sets for the needs of the SBS 2003.

    If you run this at your workstation (any other NT family PC) like Kevin did <g>, the change isn’t dangerous, but it could cause a shutdown to be slower if you had a service hung up. It will kill services off with the same slow delay an SBS 2003 uses, more like 2 minutes delay than 20 seconds normal on an XP or W2K workstation.

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