Song of the Day – Day 2

MVP Sunday. After the get together on Saturday night, I expected everyone to sleep in on Sunday morning. But, not SBS’ers! As my wife and I strolled out of the hotel Sunday morning at 8am, we passed by the Starbucks, and there we saw Susan, Jeff and several others huddled over their cups of coffee, strategizing activities for the rest of the day. We had a wonderful meeting from noon to 4pm with Microsoft to discuss MVP and Partner issues. We then gathered for a few minutes up in the SBS suite, and then headed down as a group to register and visit with the other product groups. Microsoft was expecting nearly 1500 worldwide MVPs in attendance.

So, with Sunday being a come together and get acquainted sort of day, the song of the day comes from the Beatles:

Come Together over me
(aka Come Together, MVP)

Here come old Wayne Small, he come grooving up slowly
He got Aussie eyeballs, he has lot’s of questions
He got hair down to his knees (not!)
Got to be a joker he just do what he please

Come together, right now … MVP

He loves his icons, Handy Andy has several
He got monkey fingers, he shoots from the hip
He says, “I know you, you know me,
One thing I can tell you is that SBS is for me!”

Come together, right now … MVP

He bag production, he got Microsoft talking
Jeff’s got issues flowing, he has one cool suite room
He got maps and schedules piled ‘round his knees
SBS is tops, you can do what you please

Come together, right now … MVP

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