If you have problems joining computer to SBS2003

Built a brand new XP box – joined domain fine… Obviously, problem with old box – seems that what worked fine with W2K may not work so well with SS2k3! Could it be  security issue?  Found MS KB 313222 – applied, didn’t work.
Then found beaut summary by one K. Hollis – many thanks!!!!
1.  Change the computer name to “whatever” and then join the PC to the workgroup “WORKGROUP”
2.  Restart the computer and log on locally as the administrator
3.  Make sure the OS has all the latest patches.
4.  Start>Run>mmc> then add “Security Configuration and Analysis” and “Security Templates” snap-ins.
5.  Click on the Security Configuration and Analysis node and follow the instructions on the right to “Create a new database.”
6.  Import the Setup Security Template
7.  Apply the template, reboot
8.  Now try to Join the PC to the new Domain
9.  If you continue to get the error, restart the PC and rerun steps 4-8.
Thanks to all who offered suggestions – and no, of course you don’t need to run “connectcomputer” wizard on the ws as suggested when creating new computer accounts; join the domain manually.  Sure, your browser won’t default to companyweb but, heck!
Norm Hughes 

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