How to use Iomega REV disk for backups

The Backup Wizard won’t write to REV drives b/c IOmega set them to look like CDs, and the Wizard looks at whatever that attribute is. NT Backup looks at the drive just fine, though. Since the Wizard actually configures NT Backup, the best workaround to allow you to use the Rev with the Wizard is:

Use the wizard to configure the backup to a hard drive, then open up regedit to:

HKLM\software\microsoft\smallbusinessserver\backup and change the key
“Backup Location Path” to the Rev Drive.


6 thoughts on “How to use Iomega REV disk for backups

  1. Hi,

    I have just installed this REV drive and –

    a) the key smallbusinessserver doesn’t exist in SBS2000

    b)under MYCOMPUTER, I cannot see this drive which is G: but can see the drive in Explorer

    c)Cannot see network or mapped drives using Iomega Backup Program

    Any help would be appreciated



  2. Unfortunately though without using a REV aware backup software solution you can’t get any compression. Unless someone knows a trick.

  3. Although it is not pretty, you could use a third party tool to to compress a file created with ntbackup and then copy it to the REV drive (possibly using a VBS script). The downside to this method is it would require up to 90GB of free harddrive space.

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