Configuring Trend CSM

Thanks to Les for this information!

False positives are not uncommon, but you are getting way too many. I will say that it does take some time to tweak eManager settings for a given environment.

First thing, have you updated your eManager engine and rules ? Do this from within eManager | Update tab – there is an update button. I’m not sure if the automatic update feature is set by default (don’t think so).

On the Anti-Spam tab, I’ve got my settings at High, with action Quarantine. You might select low for the first while, and gradually bring it up as the system is tweaked.

Have a look at the email that is getting blocked, try and find some common patterns – i.e. are they coming from the same domain(s). Use the Approved senders list to add ones that shouldn’t be blocked.

On the Content filter, I have Anti-spam, hoaxes, chainmail, and melissa virus checked (selected) the others are blank. It would seem that one would want to block profanity, racial discrimination, and sexual discrimination, but in my experience the definitions for these are very broad and much mail is blocked :-0.

On the Log Files tab, I have my log files set to daily, with 30 day deletion. Using the log file report, you can see what rule is responsible for blocking every email, and then decide what action should be taken to change the behaviour.

Unfortunately, stopping spam isn’t a set and forget task. The spammers need a good knackering.

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