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ISA Firewall Fairytales

Here is a great article from Thomas Shinder that compares ISA to other packet filter solutions. Thanks, Les for the tip! Also, if you don’t even know how to spell ISA, then read Chad Gross’s ISA for Dummies article:

Configuring Exchange & Trend for spam/filtering

These comments come from Les: This reply is a little more than you need, hope you don’t mind. But the answer is contained within ;-). I was hoping to clean it up a bit before posting (but that may never happen). It’s relevent to several recent posts.Basically, I’ve been trying to get the best spam/antivirus protection I can with SBS2k3 OOB and Trend Micro CSM SMB – no other third party products.If you don’t use CSM, then just ignore those parts. I have been experimenting with this configuration for a while, and am very pleased with the present result.<snip>I believe … Continue reading Configuring Exchange & Trend for spam/filtering

How to add Firewall Client via Group Policy

Thanks to Chad Gross for this! Assigning the Firewall Client to client PCs via Group Policies is pretty simple & straight-forward with SBS2k3:  1)  Open  Start | Administrative Tools | Group Policy Management 2)  Expand Forest | Domains | <yourdomain> | My Business | Computers 3)  Highlight SBSComputers 4)  Click on Action | Create and Link a GPO here 5)  Name your new GPO (e.g. ‘Microsoft Firewall Client Installation Policy’) 6)  Your new GPO should now appear in the right-hand pane of the management console.  Right-click on the GPO and select ‘Edit’ 7)  Expand Computer Configuration | Software Settings | Software Installation 8)  Action | New | Package 9)  … Continue reading How to add Firewall Client via Group Policy

So you want to uninstall ISA?

Q: I have uninstalled ISA server from the SBS2003 Premium, from Control Panel > Add/Remove software. Now the LAN NIC is disabled and the DHCP won’t work. How should I complete the uninstallation and what should I do to get a SBS without ISA? A: Just re-run your Configure Internet Access Wizard from the Server Management console.

How to block Messenger (or other apps) via Group Policy

Q: Is there an easy way to block the messenger services (especially msn messenger) at say the SBS2003 server level (ie so no client computers can connect)? A: You can handle that by a GP and the options within the Group Policy toeither allow Messenger to work or even load as far as that goes. Open Server Management and then Drill down to Advanced Management and then Group Policy Management and then Domains and then Your Domain Name and then Group PolicyObjects and then right click on Small Business Server Client Computer andthen Edit. This will open the Policy Editor and under … Continue reading How to block Messenger (or other apps) via Group Policy

How to add Firewall Client for deployment to client computers

A user accidentally deleted the Firewall Client fromt he list of apps to be installed. These instructions are from SBS2003 Premiuminstallsteps.htm from the Premium Technologies CD: To add Firewall Client for deployment to client computers 1. Click Start, and then click Server Management.2. In the console tree, double-click Client Computers, and then in the details pane, click Set Up Client Applications.3. On the Available applications page, click Add. The Application Information dialog box appears.4. In the Application Name box, type Firewall Client, and then type or browse to \\Servername\Mspclnt\Setup.exe.5. Follow the instructions to complete the wizard.6. When prompted to assign the … Continue reading How to add Firewall Client for deployment to client computers