So you want to uninstall ISA?

Q: I have uninstalled ISA server from the SBS2003 Premium, from Control Panel > Add/Remove software. Now the LAN NIC is disabled and the DHCP won’t work. How should I complete the uninstallation and what should I do to get a SBS without ISA?

A: Just re-run your Configure Internet Access Wizard from the Server Management console.

4 thoughts on “So you want to uninstall ISA?

  1. I can’t uninstall this program this is crap. It is stuck and is now a hassle. You guys are unprofessional and I will let it be known

  2. I’ve had loads of complaints from my users that since isa 2004 has been installed the internet is very slow and drops frequently. This doesn’t seem to be a problem with the ISP.

    I also get………. "Due to an unexpected error, the service fwsrv stopped responding to all requests. Stop the service or the corresponding process if it does not respond, and then start it again. Check the Windows event Viewer for related error messages" ………….in the even log every day.

    After reading that lots of people have had numerous problems after uninstalling ISA I have yet to try to remove it.

    Is it really just as simple as Add/Remove progs….ISA 2004……remove?

    Or will I need some coffee and my Microsoft support info before I start?

  3. Hello, I stuck on this this problem too. An upon panic, I didn’t uninstall but instead I did a full restore from “lastnight’s” backup.

    Got most working except now no one on the internet can get to my sbs at all.

    IIS settings seems fine, using OWA internally is fine, except that no one outside of the router can see anything. Router has HTTP/HTTPS/SMTP set (in fact did not change a bit prior to ISA 2004 installation)

    Help please!

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