Changing the SSL port number used by OWA

A question was asked “How can I change the SSL port# used to access OWA?“. This response was provided by Ray Fong (assuming we want to change the port# from 443 to 10001:

1. Go to Exchange System Manager, Protocols -> HTTP. Right-click New HTTP Virtual Server.
2. Specify “Exchange OWA 10001” for the name.
3. Click Advanced, modify, change the port from 80 to 81. SSL port is not available, that’s OK.
4. After you click OK and Applied, go back to the same screen. Now remove port 81 and specify 10001 as the SSL port. Click OK all the way.
5. Follow the steps below to force the DS2MB replication.

a. Go to IIS, right-click servername (local computer), Properties. Backup/Restore Configuration to save a copy of IIS settings
b. Right-click servername (local computer), Properties. Check Enable Direct Metabase Edit.
c. Open MetaBase.xml with Notepad.
d. Locate the following object where ID = 61472

<IIsConfigObject  Location
ID=”61472″   (<—- This one)

e. Change the Value to “0”. Your original number will not be “53322”.
f. Save the file.
g. From a command prompt, type “iisreset”
h. Restart Exchange System Attendant

6. Now, OWA is available via https://FQDN:10001

Ray Fong
Microsoft SBS Product Support

6 thoughts on “Changing the SSL port number used by OWA

  1. Is it possible to change the standard port number if OWA from 80 to 81? And how is this achieved.

    Also if i wanted to move OWA to a subdomain, how can this be achieved?

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