How to clear Exchange queues

Someone posted that Exchange was generating .log files at the rate of 3 per minute! Here’s what Chad Gross responded:

Someone is sending a lot of mail through this server.  First thing I would recommend is closing port 25 on the server to effectively disconnect Exchange from the internet.

Next, open Exchange System Manager | Servers | <servername> | Queues.  If you have a slew of outbound queues, click the ‘Disable Outbound Mail’ button, then start cleaning up the Queues:

Highlight a Queue, click ‘Find Messages’, change ‘Number of messages…’ to 10000 and click ‘Find Now’.  Select all messages, right-click and select Delete (No NDR).  Repeat for each rogue queue.  When the queues are clean,
click to ‘Enable Outbound Mail.’

Navigate to Servers | <servername> | Protocols | SMTP.  Right-click on Default SMTP Virtual Server and select Properties.  On the Access tab, click on the ‘Relay’ button.  Remove the check mark from ‘Allow all computers
which successfully authenticate to relay, regardless of the list above’. Click OK, click OK then close System Manager. 

Finally, have all users change their passwords, and take this opportunity to reiterate the necessity of long, strong passwords.  You’ve enabled password policies, right?

Chad A. Gross – SBS MVP

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